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Always wash and dry hands before and after flossing. In a clockwise direction, remove adhesive tabs and snuggly wrap a Flossing Sheet® around the index or middle finger of ones writing hand. The covered area extends from the middle knuckle down to the end of the finger. Place favorite dental floss in the middle of the Flossing Sheet, then bring to mouth to start flossing. Continue in a clockwise direction to gently wrap the soiled floss around the Flossing Sheet after each tooth has been cleaned. The Flossing Sheet actually provides the ability to direct the movement when making the Omega symbol around each tooth as one can efficiently apply the proper leverage. When the floss is curved around a tooth and then moves away from the gum line it collects all fragments, blood, and saliva onto the Flossing Sheet for optimal control and sanitation.


Continue to loosely wrap floss around the Omega Flossing Sheet until all teeth have been completely cleaned. At the middle knuckle, lift up the end of the Flossing Sheet over the soiled floss then slide product off of finger to discard.

For healthy tissue and excellent dental exams every time

Technique for Omega Flossing Sheet® (OFS)

Remove adhesives tabs & wrap Flossing Sheet Around index or middle finger
Place favorite floss in the middle of OFS make the Omega symbol when flossing All fluids & debris stay contained on OFS as each tooth receives a fresh strand of floss
Fold upper half of OFS over soiled floss Dispose of…


The Omega Flossing Sheets® clean, comfortable, and controlled practice advances oral health. OFS eliminates sore/tender gums, bleeding gum, and inflammation/gingivitis completely. A direct relationship between oral health, general health, and well-being is clinically confirmed by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 2011. Remember to floss, at least once a day, before brushing. Debris must be removed under the gum line in order for the paste to adhere to the tooth rather than on top of the plaque.

Please seek professional check-ups regularly, Thank you.


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