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Foods good for Teeth

It's fairly obvious that sticky, sugary, or overly hard foods can cause damage to your teeth, but are there any foods that are actually good for your teeth?  Some of the tooth-friendly foods included in this list (like cheese) may surprise you, while others (like mint) are time-proven remedies.  Learn how a healthy diet can not only help you achieve a more healthy and lean body, but can also help you preserve and protect the beauty of your smile.

We all know that eating sugary foods and drinking lots of soda can have a negative effect on our teeth, but did you know that there are many foods that are good for your teeth?  Eating the right foods not only helps us achieve a healthier and leaner body, but certain foods can also help strengthen our teeth and gums.  Here are just a few of these tooth-friendly foods.

Leafy green vegetables contain high levels of the B vitamin folic acid.  Not only is folic acid crucial to cell growth throughout the body, but the gums and all surface tissue in the mouth require this vitamin to maintain health.

Citrus fruits and tomatoes are both rich in vitamin C, which helps with the production of connective tissues that keep the teeth in place and with keeping gums healthy.  In fact, classic signs of vitamin C deficiency include bleeding gums, gingivitis, and tooth loss.  Other foods rich in vitamin C include kiwis, strawberries, and broccoli.

Cheese and other dairy products can help balance the pH in your mouth, which can inhibit the growth of cavity-causing bacteria.  Because cheese is rich in calcium, it can also help rebuild tooth enamel, which is the thin protective layer found on healthy teeth.

Water helps to keep the tissues in your mouth hydrated and it is the best way to stimulate the production of saliva.  Saliva is your body's natural defense against the bacteria that cause plaque and cavities.

Parsley and mint may not help keep your teeth healthy, but what good is a beautiful smile if it is followed by terrible breath?  These herbs contain substances that naturally freshen your breath by killing bad breath in the lungs, where it starts.

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