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Sedation Dentistry

Ever wish you could sleep through your dental appointment?  With the advent of sedation dentistry, this fantasy can now be your reality.  With dental sedation, patients can relax in a sleep-like state for the duration of even the most time-consuming treatments and procedures.  This article contains an overview of the different types of dental sedation.  For more information on sedation dentistry, find out if there is a sedation dentist in your area.

Do the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations associated with a trip to the dentist's office fill you with anxiety?  If so, you are not alone:  estimates show that roughly 30 million Americans avoid bi-annual dental check-ups because of dental anxiety.  Fortunately, there are now a number of sedation dentistry techniques that can help patients overcome their fears and relax through even the longest dental procedures.

One of the most popular sedation dentistry techniques is known as oral-conscious sedation, where patients simply swallow a pill prior to treatment that helps them relax.  Many patients who undergo this type of sedation find that they sleep through their entire time in the chair.  IV sedation is another popular method that is helpful in relaxing nervous patients. 

However, many patients opt for oral sedation because they fear the IV needle.  Both of these common methods of dental sedation allow patients to relax in a sleep-like state, but they are still able to respond to questions and commands from their dentist.  In extreme cases, general anesthesia may be used to render a patient totally unconscious.

In addition to relaxing nervous patients into a sleep-like state, sedation dentistry is also a helpful option for patients who require complex treatment, but wish to undergo this treatment in one longer visit.  When treating patients who have a number of dental problems such as cavities, tooth decay, and infection, as it allows the dentists to perform multiple treatments in one longer visit.

Many patients who fear the dentist postpone treatment for so long that they suffer from severe dental issues, such as gum infection, cavities, and even tooth loss.  Sedation dentistry allows even the most nervous patients to relax during regular examinations and treatments.

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